Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where the new me could end up: Possibly... New York?

Well, it has always been my dream to go to the big apple.  What do you expect for someone who loves art and fashion, ohh and might I add music and theater as well!
So how will I end up there?  I found a college that from description and classes that fit me, reviews seems wonderful, a price in my range and it is portfolio driven to attend.  The college:  The Fashion Institute of Technology!  I wish to take bachelors in photography!  My first goal was Winthrop, but once I stumbled upon this college I FELL IN LOVE!  <3
Well, I have not yet pack my bags.  I still have to finish this certificate at York Tech!  Then of course see about finance and make/sent then my portfolio.  I just hope that one day I can go there.  Hey Winthrop, don't feel bad!  I am going to apply to you too!  I just rather go to the city that never sleeps.
I may even start job hunting up north for graphic design as soon as I get out of tech.  Collect some cash then and here from the south to get me movin farther up!  That is if I decide to not live in the dorms, if I do live in dorms then I will stay down here till it starts.
Wish me luck on getting myself ready, getting finish at tech and hopefully get accepted to the college probably, later this year!  

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