Sunday, January 15, 2012

Microdermal! Cute and tempting! :D

I love body modifications, tattoos and piercings!  I already have the heart om my boob (which I need to get touched up, and possibly add to it.)  Yesterday I saw a friend who I have not seen in months!  She had a gem on her eye, I had to ask about it because it looks soooo CUTE!  It's called a microdermal piercing, it's very pleasing and aesthetic!  It's semi permanent, but the part that scared me...  it's an implant.   
While the procedure is not as scary as most implants, still having metal inserted in my body where only a doctor can take it out is very frightening.  Even if you take out the gem, the underneath the skin base can still show.  This would become a problem for people, like me, who are job hunting.  I love it, but it may not be the piercing for me.  If all else fails, I always have the craft store gems with double sided tape or nail glue.  (A warning on the nail glue, those can be a sucker to come off, try artificial nail remover if needed to get it off)  
Here is an old picture of me using those techniques.  
I really need to do more dressing up, I swear I do!  

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