Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's been a while

Not only on the fact that this blog of mine has not been updated since the summer, but I have rarely worked on my art of all forms.  Really, other then playing the guitar at random times my time is consumed by nothingness.  I am being literal on that term 'nothingness'.  Yes, like most people of my age or stuck in the digital life I am addicted to facebook.  Yet, nothing goes on in that social networking life drain other than a piece of drama now and then and sharing eight words of how my day has been.  Due to this, I may just delete my facebook in the near future to push myself off the computer.  I do not need to worry about if so and so is going to reply back to my status.
Back to the subject matter, where's my art?!?  Well, by 2012 I am going to push myself back in place!  That is my main New Year's resolution.  I hope in the New Year to also begin taking dance classes in ballet either at Studio1 or New Attitude in Rock Hill using the left overs of my pale grant money.  (Since I should get $300 back, dance class is $40 a class per a month)
I hope my goal will soon be achieve.

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