Thursday, September 22, 2011

My newest blog I have yet to start

I decided to start another blog in which one day may waste away in the internet vortex.  This blog I created to show my life, my artwork, things I like, things I am interested in and so on...  So here is the first entry in which I shall speak of myself to give a prediction on what this blog may be about in the future.
I am a student in the digital design program at York Tech and a current employee at Papa John pizza where I work on the phones.  I am single at the current time but I do have someone in my mind who may take my heart.  I live with general anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.  I am a workaholic procrastinator...  if you were me, you will understand.  I enjoy photography and fashion and I hope to one day make a career out of this.  I can play a little bit on the guitar, but I am no Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, Kurt Cobain, B.B King or Slash ect....  Music is another love of mine and so is art and design.  I can draw pretty well and pain meehhh okay...  I work with the adobe suite pretty well with design.  I am a vegetarian, and I will never eat anything with a face.  My religion belifs are not really categorized at the current moment but I was raised catholic and then I begin forming Wicca beliefs.  I have many ambitions but with a lack of motivation.  So I hope you enjoy my strange, random but yet honest blog about my consisted self.  :)

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